Time Saving Hacks for Christmas Holiday Shopping, Cleaning, and Baking

Monday Dec 20th, 2021


Time Saving Hacks for Christmas Holiday Shopping, Cleaning, and Baking

During the holidays, it's easy for your to-do list to feel like one giant juggling act. You're busy cooking and baking, cleaning your home before guests come over, shopping for a never-ending list of presents, and trying to actually find some time to relax with family and friends. This year, use these time-saving holiday tricks to speed through the list of chores, while making more time for the events that matter most. Here's to a holiday season where you spend less time cleaning and more time watching your favorite holiday movies with your loved ones. 



1)  Shop When Others Don't

To avoid getting your bags—and your holiday spirit—crushed by throngs of weekend shoppers, take advantage of retail stores’ extended weekday hours.

2) One Gift For All

Santa surely doesn’t bring a different gift to everyone on his list, so neither should you. I recommend selecting one gift for those outside your immediate family that has meaning to you. Maybe it’s a bottle of wine from a place that’s special to you , a book you loved, or a donation to a charity that you admire. Bonus: You might even be able to get a discount or free shipping for buying in bulk.



1) Pre- Mix Dry Baking Ingredients

Streamline the holiday baking process with this pastry chef secret: Mix or sift your recipe’s dry ingredients ahead of time. Store the mixes, labeled, in zip-top bags or small containers. When the time to bake strikes, you can take out one container, rather than three or four. This works for cookies, breads, waffles and more!



1) Invest In The Right Time SavingTools 

The easiest way to stick to a cleaning routine is to invest in tools that will cut your cleaning time in half. Keep quick-cleaning supplies on hand, like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, which can help you tidy up kitchen and bathroom surfaces in seconds. Bonus points: Leave these wipes in both the kitchen and bathroom, so you won't have to grab supplies from another room whenever you want to wipe down the stovetop or sinks. Invest in a microfiber mop, which will swiftly pick up dirt, dust, and hair around the house—but you won't have to wait for the floors to dry like with a traditional mop. Charge your cordless stick vacuum or handheld vacuum prior to entertaining. This way, it will be ready to go when you want to spruce up the house before guests arrive or when spills happen during the part


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